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HENTAI – Wife Swap Diaries 01!

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Koichi and Kimihiko are both happily married men, with loving wives who they care for deeply. There’s just one problem (isn’t there always?), neither one has slept with his wife for years. At some point they both lost the desire, and are now stuck in a sexless marriage. Deciding it’s about time for both of them to get a little action; they concoct a secret plan to swap their wives in order to fulfill their lecherous urges. While Koichi is going to take a more seductive approach, Kimihiko decides to go the rape route. And the best part is they’re going to video tape it so the other can watch! Now if that isn’t strange I don’t know what is.

This setup of theirs does work reasonably well, at least at the start. Kimihiko’s wife Sachi is rather horny in general, so she is quite receptive to Koichi’s advances even if she wants to imagine it’s all just a “dream.” Koichi’s wife Kanako, on the other hand, isn’t as receptive to the idea, which forces Kimihiko to effectively rape her. Of course it’s the everyday hentai type rape, so she enjoys it after a couple seconds and the whole act seems to awaken the pervert within her. Since this is pretty much how they planned it would go it’s all working out great for them, at least until they start watching the video recordings of the events taking place with their wives. That in turn starts to drive them insane, as Koichi tries to patch things up with Kanako and Kimihiko just starts going crazy, tying up Kanako and using toys on her and what not.

So you have both men turning evil and insane, depression hitting Koicho and sexual perversion being awoken in just about everyone. And you think this is all leading somewhere until… Koichi wakes up. At what point you don’t quite know but he wakes up to find Kimihiko having sex with both of their wives until… he wakes up again. Now you don’t even know what’s going on and it makes it seem as though the last two episodes have been nothing but a dream. At least until Kimihiko makes a comment about the wife swap and you know it has already started to some extent. However, you’re totally left in the dark as to how far along their plot actually is. But suffice to say, Koichi seems rather excited about continuing on with their plans once again as an evil smirk graces his lips. Why, after what he just saw in his dreams, I have no idea.

The slightly confusing, half of it is a dream storyline is only part of the problem with The Wife-Swap Diaries. As a Vanilla Series release, some of which have been better than others as of late, it sadly falls back to its familiar level of mediocrity. It’s not just that the animation isn’t stellar; it’s that the level of visual detail is almost completely lacking. This killed any chance the sex scenes had, and not even a threesome or some bondage/toy play could save it. It’s the same with the poor English dub, so just stick with the Japanese Language track if you decide to tackle The Wife-Swap Diaries. This is something you may want to do if you’re a fan of bustier ladies as both Sachi and Kanako are both unnecessarily humongous.

The Wife-Swap Diaries was somewhat interesting, if for no other reason than to see the reactions these guys had as they watched their wife have sex with another man, but there was nothing that could have saved it with the poor technicals throughout. It just killed the sex scenes, and that’s about the only reason we have to watch it.

File format: Mkv
Video length: 27 min
Size: 218 Mb
Resolution: 704*400

Download from part 1
Download from part 2

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